Betsson casino review : how to win online games ?

Betsson casino review : how to win online games ?

Anyone who plays in an online casino has probably seen the name Betsson come up. Betsson (full name Betsson Group or Betsson AB) is the company behind many successful online casinos and other digital services that focus on gambling and gaming. This publicly listed company was founded in Sweden and has become one of the largest players in the online gaming and gambling market in recent decades. In this article we will take a closer look at Betsson. Which casinos are owned by Betsson and which games do these casinos offer? And how has Betsson over the years developed into one of the largest providers and developers of online gaming and gambling in the western hemisphere ?


Betsson Group has been in the international gaming and gambling market for quite some time now. The company was founded in Sweden in 1963 by Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström. Initially the company was named AB Restaurang Rouletter, but this was later changed to Cherryföretagen AB (Cherry). With this company, Bill and Rolf supplied fruit machines to restaurants in central and southern Sweden. In 1968 Cherry started a collaboration with the also Swedish company Roulettekonsult & Spelautomater AB. This enabled Cherry to expand its services and slot machines throughout Sweden. In 1973, an amendment to the law made it possible for Cherry to pay slot machines in Swedish crowns, which enabled Cherry to expand even further. In that year, Cherry quickly controlled more than half of the Swedish market for slot machines. A year later, Cherry also entered into a partnership with the hugely successful and world-famous company Atari, enabling them to market their products throughout Scandinavia and England. However, this growth was short-lived. In 1978, the Swedish parliament passed a law banning slot machines throughout Sweden. As a result, the foundation under the Cherry company was knocked down in one fell swoop and the company had to reinvent itself. They succeeded, because in 1984 Cherry managed to buy a number of Swedish companies that had previously also focused on gaming and gambling. Cherry issued new shares for this and so the basis for their new business operations was created. In the years that followed, the company supplied slot machines to various countries and even set up several casinos abroad, especially in Eastern European countries. That went well for a while, but in 1992 Cherry decided to leave their operations and investments abroad behind because of disappointing results. The company decided to refocus on the Scandinavian market after all. In the years that followed, things went quickly with Cherry and the various companies that fell under the Cherry banner. The company acquired other large companies that focus on the gambling industry, including the well-known Net Entertainment. In 2003, Cherry purchases from the English company Betsson, which focuses mainly on sports betting. At that time, online gambling and sports betting was a booming market. Betsson sees its opportunities clean and is strongly committed to investing in this new dynamic market. In the long run, Betsson Group encompasses a huge variety of companies and holding companies, and in 2008 the company made a profit of more than 1 billion Swedish Kronor. Betsson continues to grow and takes over a large part of the competition. For example, in 2011 Betsson took over the company Betsafe, which used to be their biggest competitor. Betsson now has investments all over the world, from China to Malta. In 2014 Betsson will also own the two Dutch brands Oranje Casino and Kroon Casino and to this day Betsson is one of the biggest players in the market of online gambling and gaming. The company now owns eleven different licenses for operating online gambling activities in various countries and it looks like we’ll be hearing from Betsson for a long time to come !


In the last 55 years Betsson has developed into one of the largest players in the market of (online) gaming, gambling and casinos. This is evidenced by the number of online casinos and providers of, for example, sports betting in the hands of this Swedish giant. We have listed all of Betsson’s casinos and their gambling offerings for illustrative purposes.


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